Poppy King for No 7 lipsticks and lip glosses

Poppy King, the creative mind behind the Lipstick Queen range of products, designed a whole line of lipsticks and lip glosses in partnership with pharmacy chain Boots’ own brand No 7 a little over a year ago. There are seven shades of each, named and numbered correspondingly as History (1), Power (2) Glamour (3), Seduction (4), Intrigue (5), Confidence (6) and Allure (7). The lipsticks are all fairly sheer and have no shimmer; the glosses, meanwhile, have decent pigmentation but are on the sticky side.

The swatches below were photographed in-store under artificial light using an iPhone. The shades are in crescent number order from left to right, with lipsticks in the middle pic and glosses in the last one. I have also added a picture of the display for reference. Click on the images for larger versions,




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