Lipstick Queen comparison swatches – Peachy Nude and Pinky Nude Saints and Sinners

Apologies in advance for the time off – I was on holiday in NYC, which resulted in a lot of shopping and a bit of swatching. For starters, I compared two of the new shades of Lipstick Queen Saints and Sinners, Peachy Nude and Pinky Nude, as I was on the hunt for a new everyday lip colour.

The order of the swatches is as follows: Peachy Nude Saint, Peachy Nude Sinner, Pinky Nude Sinner and Pinky Nude Saint. As you can see, the peachy shades are brown-ish while the pinky colours are more true to the name. Both pictures were taken with an iPhone and feature in-store lighting (better than at Selfridges though!).



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