Addiction Jean-Michel Basquiat Soda Lunch palette

Japanese makeup brand Addiction launched recently a series of pre-made palettes, whereas before they had only done that for special occasions (usually Christmas). There are six palettes in total as part of the Ready To Wear range (two LE and four perm), but for a limited time they are coming in special palettes featuring Jean-Michel Basquiat art pieces. So Lonely In Gorgeous has pics of all of them.

I ordered two of them: Soda Lunch (LE) and Mudd Club (permanent), as I thought these two were the most unique and unlike other palettes I already have. Soda Lunch comes in adorable palette with a dinosaur design that I have been lusting after for months and features a combination of bright colours: a mid-toned blue with subtle sheen, a semi-matte white, a bright yellow with sheen and a gorgeous purple with blue sheen.

All of the pictures below were taken on a gloomy evening without flash, except for the fourth shot (second of the palette open) – I wanted to show the sheen that the non-flash pics didn’t portray properly.




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  1. Neicy May 17, 2013 at 9:12 pm Reply

    Gorgeous my dear. I love your taste in cosmetics. Looking forward to more swatches. :

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