Maybelline The Vivids collection

Annoyingly but not unexpectedly, only five colours from Maybelline’s The Vivids collection of bright, in-yo-face lipsticks are available in the UK (there are eight in the US). I guess we should consider ourselves lucky to have any at all, if you consider the ridiculous transfer of Color Tattoos across the pond, for example.

The five shades available in England are Fuchsia Flash (902, a bright pink), Hot Plum (906, a slightly darker pink than Fuchsia Flash), Shocking Coral (910, a coral shade with a heavy hand of orange), Electric Orange (912, a tangerine-like colour) and Neon Red (916, a yellow-based red leaning orange as well).

All five are fairly opaque in one swipe and pigmented – Neon Red is probably the least vibrant of the lot in one swipe. I can’t comment on lip performance though!

Pictures taken in-store with my phone, so lighting isn’t the best. Click on the images for larger versions.



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