YSL Ombres 5 Lumières Marrakech Sunset

The limited-edition summer 2013 eyeshadow quint by YSL, called Marrakech Sunset, is very pretty on the eye: it features a gorgeous combination of gold, bronze and purple shades and comes in an case engraved with a Moroccan-inspired arabesque.

Unfortunately, when swatched it becomes a bit of a disappointment. Even though these quints are supposed to be used wet as well I find it too much hard work – dry, the shades are unpigmented and some are slightly chalky. Maybe it was the tester on the counter as other bloggers had a different experience with this palette – Perilously Pale’s swatches made me want to buy it, for example.

The shades include a bronzed brown with subtle shimmer, a light peachy shade with a little sheen, a sparkly pale beige, a bright purple with blueish glitter and a shimmery gold. Most of them required two or three swipes with my finger to build up to what you see in the pics, which isn’t particularly great – I didn’t have the chance to test them foiled though, or applied in a different way (I suspect a sponge applicator may be best for these).

Pictures were taken with my phone in natural light (overcast day though – it seems the weather is perpetually gloomy in London this year *sigh*). Click for larger versions!



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