& Other Stories Blushers, part 2

This post will feature the remaining shades of & other stories blushes not covered in my Part 1 post, which also includes a short description of the brand. If you want to know more, go there first!

The six colours in this lot are, from left to right: Satin Magenta, Voile Pink, Ecarlate Pink, Dimity Pink, Applebloom Pink and Sandal Pink. The first four are matte and the last two have very discreet shimmer; I have included pictures of them in a different lighting at the end so you can see the difference.

All photos were taken in-store with my phone, in two different lighting settings – the first indirect and the second more direct. Click on the images for larger versions.





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  1. Bellyhead June 2, 2013 at 5:51 pm Reply

    Gah! Ecarlate Pink!
    A lovely friend sent me a duo chrome e/s to try out. Neat brand! :)

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