Diorblush Cheek Creme Colour Flash For Cheeks

For summer 2013, Dior came out with four new cream blush shades as part of the Diorblush Cheek Creme range. They are: Bikini (871), a coral-pink; Panama (651), an orangey shade; Capri (851), a very pale pink; and Paréo (971), a bright bubblegum pink.

All four have a bit of shimmer that is visible but not over the top, and it doesn’t feel glittery on the finger. The pale pink shade (Capri) is probably more suitable for very pale girls or for layering as it hardly showed up on me (and I’m fair) – the other colours are all fairly pigmented in one swipe.

These pictures were taken in-store at Hamburg airport, so apologies in advance for the bad office-style lighting and the camera shots. You get the idea though! And if you click on the photos you can see the sparkles better.




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