Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-17 Hatsuhimo

Better late than never! After being away last week I finally get the chance to feature the last of Suqqu’s fall 2013 palettes, EX-17 Hatsuhimo. If you want a more detailed review and looks using this palette, however, don’t forget to visit Drivel About Frivol’s amazing post!

This was probably my favourite of the three fall palettes when I first saw the Selfridges display, with its delicate and intriguing colour combination. The shades include a satiny cream, a gorgeous light olive, a sparkly lavender strip, a navy liner colour and a matte light pink base shade. Differently from the other two palettes, the liner on this one actually swatches nicely as an eyeshadow too.

All pictures were taken in natural light; the first palette shot was in indirect sunlight and the second had more direct exposure to the sun, hence the warmer tones. The first two swatch pics are also under direct sunlight, while the final two were photographed in indirect light.







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