MUA Matte eyeshadow palette

British brand MUA (Makeup Academy) has recently launched two new eyeshadow palettes, and this is one of them – a rarity in that it is hard to find a drugstore brand with good matte shades for eyes at an affordable price, particularly in this country.

Retailing for a very reasonable £4, the Matte palette includes ten shades: Unwrap (off-white), Butter (pale yellow), Bare (very light cream), Taffeta (light peach) , Fade (light brown), Penny (medium brown), Chino (taupe), Truffle (chocolate), Fog (blue-ish grey)  and Smoke (black). The top five shades are very light and hardly showed on my pale skin – that doesn’t mean they don’t have decent pigmentation though, as you can see here. The textures are also very decent – not too dry or chalky.

All pictures were taken in natural light, with the first couple of swatches for each row under direct sunlight and the last one pictured indoors (in the conservatory!).








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