Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-18 Aoboshi

Suqqu’s holiday 2013 collection brings with it two new limited-edition eyeshadow palettes, both available as part of sets that come with some skincare, a very dark navy mascara and a black clutch bag. I ordered both sets as soon as they became available on the Selfridges website but am only allowed to touch one as the other will be a Christmas gift from the boyfriend – thankfully I can swatch the other one in-store, which will happen shortly.

Part of the Christmas Makeup Set A, the EX-18 Aoboshi eyeshadow palette includes a range of different textures, something the brand has improved over the last few seasons. The two top shades, a light pink and a darker mauvey pink, are the usual shimmery and velvety quality that you expect from Suqqu. The fourth shade, a matte white base, is again typical; the final shade is a sparkly midnight blue, complex and beautiful.

The first set of swatches was taken outdoors in direct sunlight but it had been raining, while the latter swatches were photographed under indirect natural light.







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