Addiction Romantic Mind eyeshadow palette

This year Japanese makeup brand once again released a holiday makeup set. Called Romantic Mind, the set comes with a few different products, but as usual the highlight is the eyeshadow palette, also named Romantic Mind, which comes in the same format as this year’s Ready To Wear quads.

The outer packaging features a similar design to last year’s holiday palette, with silver arabesques instead of gold. Inside, in addition to two applicators (one sponge and one brush) there are four shades: a black with silvery sparkle, a very pale blue-gray with a hint of shimmer, a velvety toffee brown and a sparkly light pink. I’d say this is a fairly cool selection, with only the brown being on the warmer side of the spectrum.

All of the pictures were taken in natural light; the last set of swatches was photographed under indirect gloomy light (it’s a rainy day). I braved the horrid outdoors to get more natural light for the first two swatch pictures.







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