Addiction Flash Back and Meeting At Dome comparison swatches

While taking pictures of my Addiction eyeshadows I noticed that the new Meeting At Dome shade from the spring 2014 collection (recently acquired) is a bit similar to a classic from the Japanese brand, Flash Back.

Unfortunately my natural light was all but gone when I took these pictures, which meant I had to use the flash; at the same time, it’s probably a good thing as the undertones and sparkles are two of the main differences between the two shades, as you’ll see below.

Flash Back is warmer and has more complex, multi-coloured sparkle, while Meeting At Dome is more of a true neutral taupe shade. Flash Back is also a tad more pigmented and silkier in texture (as most Addiction ME colours tend to be), although my Meeting At Dome isn’t gritty at all.



This picture shows the complexity of the sparkle better. Flash Back has green, pink and silver flecks, while Meeting At Dome is more blue-silver with sparse pink glitter particles.


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