Sleek Blush By 3 in Californ.I.A.

This month British brand Sleek has launched two new additions to its popular Blush By 3 range of palettes (I’ve swatched another one, Sweet Cheeks, here). The new ones include the brand’s first all-cream blush palette, Californ.I.A., which is quite exciting!

This beauty includes three shades: Newport Peach, a bright peachy pink; The Surf, a light peachy-apricot; and The OC, a pigmented coral-pink colour. I was happy to find the palette doesn’t look half as orange as the promotional pictures.

All photos were taken under natural light in a Jekyll-and-Hyde day (some brightness but mostly gloomy).




The next two sets of swatches were photographed in the garden; I included sheered-out swatches for reference as I wouldn’t think most people would like to wear the full-on version on their face!



The next two pics were taken in the conservatory, so not quite so direct lighting.



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