30 Random Facts About Me

This blog is a lot less personal than most of the other beauty blogs I follow and read, which means I hesitated before agreeing to take part in this tag. However, I thought it’d be a good chance to tell my three readers a bit more about myself (if! Get comfortable; this could take a while. Thanks again to Jane for adding me to her list. :)

1. I am originally from Brazil but am of full European descent (Italian father, German grandparents on my mother’s side). I have wanted to live in Europe ever since visiting the continent for the first time at the age of 15 and, thanks to a German passport, have been in London for 10 years.

2. While I’m a very good swimmer (growing up in Rio had its perks!), I have never learned to ride a bicycle. I grew up in flats in a big city and never really had the chance (or interest, if I’m honest) to learn. I hope to change that at some point though.

Gratuitous picture of Rio, just because.

Gratuitous picture of Rio, just because.

3. I’m short (5’2″) but not petite; I have thick thighs and large boobs. My feet are tiny, though (UK size 3 – that’s an American 5.5).

4. Dancing has always been a big part of my life. I did ballet, contemporary, jazz dance and tap from the age of 3 through to when I was 18 and I miss doing it in a structured way and performing. My opportunities are currently limited to weddings, the odd night out clubbing, parties and work dos (as well as my lounge).

5. Still on the dancing thread, my dad and I once one a ballroom dancing competition on a cruise ship. Our competition was all aged 60 or above though. :)

6. I am a big fan of animals of all sizes and shapes but am more of a dog fan than a cat person. I had two miniature Dachshunds growing up (one at a time) but love pooches of all sizes and shapes.

7. I worked as a journalist for most of my professional career, covering most things from entertainment and science to football and business. Last year I decided to change into a completely different field and am still enjoying the new challenge despite missing the things I loved about journalism. It’s one of the reasons I love blogging – it allows me to channel some of that writing bug elsewhere.

8. Although being a journalist is now half as glamorous as people think it is, I did get the chance to do some very cool things, visit amazing places and meet/interview celebrities and all kinds of interesting folks. Most famous people I met are really normal and nice in person.

9. Sometimes I start talking to my (English) boyfriend in Portuguese before waking up completely, resulting in flabbergasted and amused looks from him and annoyance from me until I realise what I’m doing.

10. My dreams happen both in English and in Portuguese – it depends on the actual contents of the dream or the people featured in it. I remember a lot of my dreams and have a diary I write the ones I recall into.

11. I am a very late bloomer when it comes to beauty and makeup. A tomboy growing up, I was never really interested in dolling up or looking good, wearing my brother’s hand-me-downs most of the time. Clothes started catching my attention in my early 20s but my beauty stash ballooned in the last 7-8 years really. To my mother’s dismay (and the boyfriend’s relief), I’m still not too keen on jewellery.

12. My career choices as a kid included astronaut, ballerina and dolphin trainer. I only decided what to study at uni in my last year at school.

13. During high school I worked at weekends as an entertainer at children’s parties. The parents were way worse than the kids.

14. My family is fairly small and close-knit. I have one older brother and we’re very close.

15. After I stopped dancing I moved into martial arts (more specifically Tomiki Aikido), which I practised for seven years. In 2001 I represented Brazil in an international tournament in Japan, my first visit to the Asian country and the start of a love affair – Japan is still one of my favourite places in the world.

Autumn at the Kinkakuji (Golden Pavillion), Kyoto.

Autumn at the Kinkakuji (Golden Pavillion), Kyoto.

16. I love travelling and have been to plenty of different countries, both on holiday and for work. Some of my favourite cities include Kyoto, Prague, NYC, San Francisco, Rome, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, London and of course Rio.

17. Places on my yet-to-visit list: Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Russia (St Petersburg specifically), Jordan and most of South America.

18. My toes are really dextrous and I can pick things up with them. My boyfriend says I have monkey feet.

19. I’m a true geek, with a deep-seated love of fantasy and sci-fi films and literature, comic books, video games and toys. I play roleplaying games and have LARPed – a lot. I even went through a stage of buying clothes for my characters at one point (not my proudest moment, admittedly).

20. I first read The Lord of the Rings trilogy when I was nine. As a teenager I used to re-read all three books every year. I am still a huge fan of Tokien’s works and have enjoyed The Hobbit movies so far despite their departure from the original story, just because it means I can visit Middle-Earth one more time.

21. Despite being Brazilian I don’t like or drink coffee. I do love tea and have recently fallen in love with chai lattes.

22. I can get by in about seven languages and know random words and expressions in several others.

23. I was raised as a Catholic but don’t consider myself one any longer; Pastafarianism is more my thing. I do like the current Pope though, even if he’s Argentine. 😉

24. My alcohol tolerance is decent but I am usually sick before being drunk. I have never been hungover because of that. And I only really started drinking alcohol at the age of 21.

25. During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, me and three Brazilian friends booked flights to Frankfurt to spend the weekend as Brazil were playing in the city in the quarter-finals of the tournament. We didn’t book a hotel as we thought our national team would win and we’d spend the night celebrating. We were wrong and Brazil lost; instead we spent the night drinking to forget our woes, but ended up being offered a place to stay by a friend of a friend we had met on the day. It was a crazy but incredibly fun weekend. :)

The Frankfurt Fan Park taken over by Brazilians.

The Frankfurt Fan Park taken over by Brazilians.

26. I loved acting at school and have worked as an extra for fun in several films since moving to London, including the latest Bond film.

27. As a kid I was terrified of horror films and never watched some classics because of that. I’m still not a fan of gory films where people are killed in horrible ways for no reason (ie Hostel, Saw). I watch pretty much anything else.

28. I am a big fan of sports in general and football (soccer) in particular. While studying in London I did a work placement with UEFA and ended up in Portugal for the Euro 2004 tournament. I am also going to Brazil in July to soak in the atmosphere of the FIFA World Cup in home soil.

29. My father’s father was a tailor in Italy and during World War II he was forced to make uniforms for the Nazis. My mother’s parents were German Jews who moved to Brazil to escape Nazi persecution before the war started.

30. I can only wink with my right eye, and I cannot roll my tongue in any way.

Phew! That was hard. I don’t think I follow any bloggers who have yet to be tagged so won’t inflict this on anyone unless asked. Hope you’ve enjoyed it, and congratulations if you made it this far! :)

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  1. Bellyhead February 2, 2014 at 8:13 pm Reply

    Thank you for doing this, awesome Nicole! <33 I loved learning all the extra little tidbits about you & just confirms how much I adore you.
    Next time you & BF are in town, I will drag out my husband. He's memorized all the extra facts on in Silmarillion and I think you will get along great.

    • Nicole February 2, 2014 at 9:00 pm Reply

      Sounds like he’s one of us! 😀

      • Bellyhead February 3, 2014 at 5:14 pm Reply

        I put makeup on him. He looks horrible. Definitely not truly one of us. :DD

  2. Kate February 3, 2014 at 4:22 am Reply

    I knew many of these <3 😀 *preens* and am squeefully filing away the rest among the other trinkets on my Nicole shrine (central icon: bewbalicious goddess nugget, ofc)

    Need help with that tongue rolling? *snogs*

    • Nicole February 3, 2014 at 9:27 am Reply

      That made me chuckle. :)

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