Paul & Joe Face Powder S

I have to admit I am a sucker for highlighters and face powders that come in ball format, such as Guerlain Météorites. Bonus points if they come in adorable packaging, naturally – and you can’t beat Asian brands for cuteness.

Enter the Paul & Joe Face Powder S, a cardboard tin of deliciouness in the shape of multi-sized pearls. The lovely Kate has thoroughly reviewed them here, but for the sake of completeness I will add my own swatches and pictures to the mix.

I wouldn’t normally add so many pictures of the packaging in a post, but I do think this one deserves it – don’t you agree?




My only disappointment was the amount of actual pearls that come in the container – there aren’t too many at all, as you can see below.


The effect on the skin is subtle yet brightening. There is very sheer sparkle that doesn’t look obvious but gives a nice glow. Below, you can see a heavy swatch to the bottom left and a sheered-out version to the middle/top right.


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  1. Bellyhead February 10, 2014 at 4:50 pm Reply

    The puff and the bird packaging are so adorable! I definitely have no need of another ball-like face powder, but it would look so adorable on top of any (MY) vanity. Truly, truly adorable!

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