Shu Uemura Glow-On Blushes

For a long time, Shu Uemura was the only Japanese brand readily available to me, and probably was the one that fostered my love for makeup from the Asian country. This is and old-school selection of blushes from previous generations (before the current resizing of pans) and I apologise in advance but they are all discontinued as far as I know – some, however, have similar/corresponding shades.


As you can see, the case (aluminium) is a bit battered from being carried around over the years – it was second-hand when I first got it! I also happened to drop the palette as I was getting it out to take pictures, hence the cracks on some of the blushes. :-(


The four top shades are, clockwise from top left: P Amber 83, SPK (it’s all I could read on the back!), P Gold 93D and P Red 14.


The bottom shades (which suffered most from being dropped) are: M Orange 55, M Peach 44, M Amber 89 and M Amber 86.


The first set of swatches was taken outdoors in natural light.




The following swatches were photographed under indirect natural light.




I love my Shu blushes, and you’ll be happy to know I managed to re-press the cracked ones without any casualties. :-)

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  1. Emilio C March 9, 2014 at 2:58 am Reply


    Can you please sell me your Shu Uemura P Gold 93 D blush?
    If you can, please reach me at:

    It’s for a very special celebrity.
    Thank you.

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