Suqqu Bright Up lipsticks

Taking my cue from the lovely Jane of Wondegondigo fame, I have dug out some oldish swatches of the Suqqu Bright Up lip range and made some new ones of the three I have actually purchased from the range.

First up, a full set of swatches from the launch – these were photographed in-store and are in numerical order: 01 Momoiro, 02 Hanabeni, 03 Barairo, 04 Outouiro, 05 Hanaanzu and 06 Yuubae.

suqqu_brightlip01 suqqu_brightlip02

Kate from Drivol About Frivol also has swatches of these six here. But now for the most recent pics of my collection of Bright Ups: these include 02 and 04 pictures above and also EX-01 Mitsudaidai, which was a gift from my lovely boyfriend (who obviously knows the way to my heart).

suqqu_brightup01 suqqu_brightup02

As you can see, Mitsudaidai gets quite a bit of use! And now for swatches; the first set was photographed outdoors in natural light, but as it was fairly late the light is on the cool side. They are in order: 02, 04 and EX-01.

suqqu_brightup03 suqqu_brightup04

I also took some pictures indoors as the lighting was a bit less cool in the conservatory.

suqqu_brightup05 suqqu_brightup06

They look fairly flat in these pics but have a bit of sheen to them, as you can see in the in-store pics at the top. My latest swatches are two swipes and show the colours better; they are not superpigmented but certainly more so than Creamy Glow Moists, providing good coverage.

I do like this formula and hope Suqqu releases some brighter, more exciting shades in the range!

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  1. bellyhead May 30, 2014 at 4:46 pm Reply

    :) thank you for linking me! I really like these. We need more bright colors!

  2. koushi June 2, 2014 at 7:22 pm Reply

    Loooove the swatches! And omg, the packaging of the EX-01 *____*

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