Suqqu Lighting Liquid vs Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid Sea of Clouds


I have recently acquired both the new (and limited edition) Suqqu Lighting Liquid and the famed Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid Sea of Clouds, and thought it would be an interesting idea to compare the two (spoiler: they are nothing alike).

First, we have the packaging: both products come in nice bottles with pump dispensers, making it easy to get a small amount of liquid out and protecting the contents from contamination.


Cosmetically, it is immediately obvious that the Suqqu is pinker and RBR SoC is a lot whiter. That is also evident once the product comes out of the bottle.

In the swatches below, we have Suqqu on the left and RBR on the right. Alongside each blob of product is a lightly blended and more heavily blended swatch – the Lighting Liquid is much more subtle and almost a match for my N10-ish skin.Suqqu_RBR_comp03

Suqqu_RBR_comp04My original swatches didn’t really show the RBR’s sparkliness, which while subtle is obvious to the naked eye, so I took another picture with flash for reference. There you can definitely see how the Suqqu highlighter is almost invisible, just perfecting the skin, while the RBR Sea of Clouds is much more visible and evident.


Finally, I sheered both of them completely out to see the effect on the skin of my arm. The Suqqu Lighting Liquid becomes virtually invisible, while the RBR Sea of Clouds still gives a slightly sparkly effect (not quite to Twilight vampire levels, thankfully). Top picture without flash, bottom picture with flash.

Suqqu_RBR_comp05a Suqqu_RBR_comp06

Conclusion: they are certainly different enough to own both. Suqqu Lighting Liquid is supposed to be used under foundation to give an extra glow-from-within effect to the usual areas (cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow, nose) whereas the RBR SoC offers a more obvious shine and sparkle, even though it doesn’t get to obnoxious levels unless you really pack it on.

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