Surratt Artistique Highlight Brush


While technically you can’t really swatch brushes, I think brush pictures (and comparisons) are always useful – plus, the Surratt Artistique Highlight Brush is too pretty and requires a lot of photos. Any excuse, right?

Let’s start with the shape: this brush has a wonderful candle-shaped head, which allows for very controlled application due to the tapered point. It is very densely-packed too and super soft due to it being 100% blue squirrel hair.


The handle feels solid without being heavy, and has a cute iridescent detail at the bottom, where the brand name can be found.


And now some comparisons: the closest to this brush I own is a Hakuhodo brush from an IMATS-exclusive set I purchased a couple of years ago, but that brush is smaller and less soft than the Surratt, as well as less tapered at the end. The other brush I used for comparison purposes is the Suqqu Cheek brush, and that is equally soft and fluffy, if less dense, and as you can see from the pictures the shapes are completely different.


Conclusion: this is a unique brush that oozes quality and would probably be a useful addition to most collections.

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