Tatcha Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick


After a forced absence due to ridiculous workload and travels, I’m back with a vengeance and will start with something truly special. A lovely friend in US sent me this Tatcha Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick as a gift, and the packaging is so pretty and luxurious that I have to include plenty of pictures of that.


See what I mean? The bullet is also very heavy and well built, giving it an even more elegant appeal. Tatcha Kyoto Red is a clear, true red, closer to the orange side of the colour spectrum than the blue but mostly crimson. The formula is matte yet silky, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin or drag when applied.

Below, swatches in natural light; two swipes on the left, one on the right.

tatcha_kyotored06 tatcha_kyotored07

As I had time in my hands, I swiftly collected a few other reds I own to compare the colour, and the Tatcha stands out as quite unique (and I have A LOT of reds). Below, the line-up for comparison swatches, a selection from a variety of brands and (as far as I know) all still on sale.


And finally the comparison swatches, numbered for practical reasons. In order:
1. Tatcha Kyoto Red
2. YSL GS 9
3. Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RD413
4. OCC Lip Tar in Harlot
5. Addiction Red Lantern lip crayon
6. BB Rich Lip Color in Old Hollywood
7. Chanel RA Pirate
8. LQ Fire Red Sinner
9. Surratt Lipslique in Rubis

tatcha_kyotored09 tatcha_kyotored10

Conclusion: texture-wise, the closest was the Addiction lip crayon; in terms of colour, LQ Fire Red is close if a tad warmer. Most of the other matte reds I have are more blue-based. I didn’t include darker reds such as MAC Russian Red in the comparison because they looked quite different on the tube.

Isn’t this a beaut? At $55 it’s not a bargain, but if you’re looking for a luxe addition to your red lipstick wardrobe, this is certainly a winner.

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