Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color


The Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color eyeshadows have been one of the biggest success stories among this year’s summer collections, with popular shades (I’m looking at you, Golden Peach) selling out quickly and disappointing fans around the world despite it’s not inconsiderable price (£46 each in the UK).

As the name suggests, these are potted cream eyeshadows that include a powder glittery topcoat as part of the lid section. I call the powder element of these a topcoat because most aren’t very pigmented (Midnight Sea being the exception, as you’ll see below). However, the textures are very finelly-milled and the glitter isn’t gritty at all.

So, on to swatches. The display at Selfridges, where I took these pictures, wasn’t in numerical order as you can see above – so the swatches are in the following order: Golden Peach (03), Naked Bronze (01), Black Oyster (02) and Midnight Sea (04), from left to right. The cream is followed by the powder in each of them, and all pictures were taken in store.

TF_cream_02 TF_cream_03

And now for the close-ups. I’ve captioned these so just enjoy. :)

TF_cream_04 TF_cream_05 TF_cream_06 TF_cream_07

Conclusion: beautiful shades, very well balanced in each set. One for sparkle lovers, but if you’re not a fan of glitter steer clear. Worth it? I wouldn’t be able to say as I didn’t buy any, but they certainly look stunning. What do you think?

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