Shu Uemura I Love My Shu Shu palette

yazbukey01Arguably the biggest product in the Yazbukey limited edition collection launched by the Japanese brand for the summer, the Shu Uemura I Love My Shu Shu palette is a mix of bright colours with the usual quality I have come to expect over the years from Shu. It includes seven eyeshadows in four textures (pearl, iridescent, metallic and matte) as well as a blush shade. They are housed in a cute custom Yazbukey case and six of the seven eyeshadows are limited editions as well (marked with * in the list below):

E1: P Fuchsia*
E2: IR Pale Pink*
E3: M Purple*
E4: P Eggplant*
E5: ME Copper 270
E6: ME Dark Green*
E7: M Lavender*
G1: Glow On Pink



And now for the all-important swatches: these are mostly one swipe with my finger, with the mattes requiring two swipes to show more evenly on my arm. The first set includes P Fuchsia, IR Pale Pink, M Purple and P Eggplant. All pictures were taken under direct sunlight to show the sparkles/metallic nature as and when required. :)



And the second lot of swatches features ME Copper 270, ME Dark Green, M Lavender and the Glow On Pink blush – I swatched the blush more heavily and then lightly to show what it would look like blended out.




Conclusion: another beautiful selection of colours and textures by Shu Uemura, making this a varied and versatile palette for travellers like me. The mattes don’t have the same vibrancy as the other types of eyeshadow and the combination of bright, garish shades might not suit everybody but I think this is a cute and welcome addition to a makeup lover’s collection. What do you think?

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