Burberry Lip & Cheek Bloom

burb_bloom01On one of my recent travels I stopped at the Burberry boutique at Heathrow airport terminal 5 (tip: that’s where they stock Burberry makeup now!) to check out the new range of Lip & Cheek Bloom shades, out this summer. Although there were none on display I asked around and the very helpful beauty specialist dug out some testers for me to play with!

The UK Burberry website has six shades in the range, but I only had four testers to play with: Hydrangea (03), Peony (05), Orange Blossom (07) and Purple Tulip (11). The missing two are Rose (01) and Poppy (09). I didn’t fail to notice how every cream blush range out this year seems to have flower names for the colours.

Texture-wise, these are almost gel-like and feel very silicone-y. They are not very pigmented but can be built up; they do sheer up beautifully when spread out as a blush though, and wear nicely on the lips as well – I ended up purchasing Purple Tulip as it seemed like the most unique shade and my impressions come from wearing it a few times since.

On to the swatches – obviously as I was at the airport there wasn’t a lot of natural light available, but I tried walking around to find different light conditions anyway. The first set were photographed in-store; the second lot of swatches were recorded close to the windows.

burb_bloom02 burb_bloom03 burb_bloom04 burb_bloom05

Conclusion: If you’re into sheer, pretty shades for lip and cheeks and don’t mind the silicone-like texture, these could be nice additions to your stash. They aren’t cheap but you wouldn’t expect anything else from a designer brand.

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