Guerlain Météorites Rainbow Pearls


I know, I should know better. But I am a sucker for pretty products and even more so for pretty packaging, and Guerlain are the masters of elegant, sleek packaging for me. It is no different with these new and limited edition Guerlain Météorites Rainbow Pearls, a nice finishing/illuminating powder for use all over the face.

According to the brand, each different coloured pearl offers a different effect: green to hide redness, coral to enhance glow, yellow to brighten, white to diffuse light, champagne to illuminate and fuchsia to revive. Used together, the Rainbow Pearls are supposed to provide energy and radiance to your face.



Some people believe Guerlain Météorites do nothing – for me, the effect has always been one of overall beautification, almost like a subtle soft-focus effect on the skin. The Rainbow Pearls continue with that tradition on my skin and have a little bit of sheen and sparkle, but no obvious or gritty glitter.

I swatched the Rainbow Pearls on my arm rather than on my face, but you can see the effect on the skin (at least I can!). Under direct sunlight it is more obvious, as you can notice below.


rainbowballs05Under indirect natural light, you can see more of the sparkles and the effect is a bit less subtle in my opinion.


Conclusion: For lovers of Guerlain Météorites, especially fair and pale girls, the Rainbow Pearls will probably make a nice addition to your collection. Is it unique enough to warrant buying it i you already have the regular ones or previous limited-edition versions? Probably not, unless you’re a collector of fancy a special treat.

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