POP Beauty Eyeshadow Trio in Peach Parfait


I received the POP Beauty Eyeshadow Trio in Peach Parfait in one of my recent Birchboxes, and it was a case of third time lucky with this one – my original trio had a crumbled eyeshadow, and the replacement Birchbox sent was similarly afflicted. Thankfully their customer service was excellent and they sent a third one with a lot more padding, which seemed to do the trick!


This pretty trio features three shades: a peachy cream highlight, a proper peach with a bit of pink and a warm coppery colour. All three are shimmery and the texture seems alright, if a bit powdery.

The first set of swatches below was taken under direct sunlight to show the sparkly nature of the three shades.



The next two pictures were taken under indirect sunlight to show the base shades rather than the shimmers.



Conclusion: While the colours are nice and the eyeshadows seem to have a nice usable texture, the colours aren’t super pigmented or unique enough for my liking. I probably wouldn’t have bought this trio if it hadn’t been included in my Birchbox – but then again I have A LOT of eyeshadows and can easily dupe these with formulas I like better. :)

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