Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow 20 Kaoribara


Suqqu’s autumn 2015 collection has bordeaux as its main colour, and the first of three new eyeshadow palettes features that shade as its main event. The Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow 20 Kaoribara (which in Japanese means “fragrant roses”) has a peachy-beige shade, a warm grey, the bordeaux pan and a creamy pearlescent base (a new feature of all three palettes).


The texture of the top two powder eyeshadows is velvety, almost creamy. The main shade is less so, more like the traditional Suqqu shades of previous palettes – unfortunately the golden brand name goes away the first time you swatch or use the palette. The base shade is a cream-to-powder with pearlescent accents and works very nicely – a little goes a long way and too much of the cream can cause creasing.

Without further ado, the swatches! The first lot of pictures was taken under direct sunlight to showcase the sparkle loveliness in all its glory.



The next set of swatches was captured under indirect natural light.


Conclusion: Kaoribara is a beautiful autumn quad with unique shades and a nice combination of colours. It is definitely warm in tone but the bordeaux shade doesn’t cause that bruise-y look some red eyeshadows can create. I’m sure I’ll use this one a lot!

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