Suqqu Face Designing Highlighters


Among Suqqu’s recent base makeup launches are the Face Designing Palettes, build-your-own cases that come with three slots for you to mix and match as required. There are three options of products to go in these: concealers, equalisers/tone correctors and highlighters; the concealers and correctors are all too dark for my very pale skintone so I built myself a nice highlighter palette instead.

Firstly, the case: unlike most other Suqqu palettes, this has the brand’s logo in a pale golden shade instead of the usual black engraving. It doesn’t make any difference in practice but it took me a few moments to get used to that – on the other hand, it makes it easy to separate that from the eyeshadow trios!

As for the highlighter shades, there are three: H-01 (Clear White), H-02 (Pearl Beige) and H-03 (Pearl Pink). H-01 is a matte yet translucent white highlighter which can also be used as a very light concealer if you’re as pale as I am, while H-02 and H-03 are both shimmery options.


As you can see from the swatches, all three are fairly subtle and have diverse effects – all the swatches are unblended for reference and these pictures were taken under natural light.

suqqu_concealer_palette03 suqqu_concealer_palette04

I then took another picture with flash to see if it could show the shimmery effect of these highlighters better, but the difference is very slim to my eye. You can see below, however, how discreet they really are against my fair arm.


Lastly, here are a couple of pictures I took with my phone under in-store lighting so you can see the three shades more obviously.

suqqu_concealer_palette06 suqqu_concealer_palette07

Conclusion: These highlighters are beautiful and the texture is almost magical, light and subtle yet giving that glow from within everyone is looking for. I dislike the term “strobing” but especially H-02 and H-03 would be perfect for this on-trend look. The fact that I purchased all three should be a strong indication of how much I love them! :-)

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